Six things people are not doing on social media anymore - make sure you’re not doing them either!

six things not to do on social media

1. Auto updating across multiple platforms

Don’t send your Facebook updates to Twitter or vice versa. Send the same update by all means, but both platforms are for a slightly different audience, so you need to re-word the updates accordingly.

2. Using validation tools like truetwit on Twitter

Why are these even necessary - it doesn’t matter who follows you, you don’t have to follow them back. And if you’re worried about the robots and spammers following you, don’t worry, they’ll soon unfollow you when you don’t follow them back after a few days.

3. Using auto DM messages to ask people to follow you on Facebook

They have just started following you on Twitter, let them settle in a bit first before you ask them to follow you somewhere else as well.

4. Using the egg as your profile picture

Get that profile picture updated - to anything other than the Egg!

5. Leaving your bio blank

There's an opportunity here to let the world know who you are and what you are about - use it, don't waste it. You can also include a link to your website.

6. Speaking in the third person on Facebook

Who is still doing that?!