Why linking your Facebook and Twitter posts is a bad idea.

An interesting discussion on Social Media Examiner‘s Facebook page this morning about likes and dislikes in social media – and of the 150 or so comments so far the top dislike seems to be:

Linking Facebook and Twitter and using hashtags on Facebook.

linking twitter and Facebook - it's a bad idea

Meaning that if you’re linking from Facebook to Twitter the tweets end up truncated and hard to understand forcing the reader to click through to read more. And if you’re linking the other way, from Twitter to Facebook your updates include hashtags and other Twitter specific terminology.

It would seem your followers and likers don’t like it when you do that.

But there’s a really easy solution: post separately to your various social media channels and post updates appropriate to the different audiences and appropriate to the space and scope you have available for each.

It might save time to write something once and send to all your channels – but it’s better to spend a few more minutes tailoring your updates and posting to each individually.

What do you think? Your comments and thoughts on this are welcome below.