Outsourced Marketing: could this be your budget life saver for 2013?

With the recession still biting and budgets becoming smaller, or at the very least becoming more difficult to justify, there is an ever increasing pressure to only pay for what you actually need, and that seems to apply most especially to marketing spend. Often overlooked, and regularly the first casualty of any budget cuts, marketing is an essential element to any successful sales campaign.

There is a tendency to cut back on what is considered sometimes as a ‘nice to have’ area of the business. But to remove the momentum that consistent and on-going marketing activities add to the sales cycle will see an impact further down the line in the sales funnel and pipeline.

Perhaps your business is growing and your need for more marketing resource along with it, and now you’ve reached a cross-roads and you are pondering which route to take: do you recruit a full-time permanent marketing resource or do you outsource to a specialised partner?

Maybe you are currently handling marketing yourself in-house as well as trying to manage your business and your sales team, and are now thinking the time has come to find some additional support that can provide that essential marketing experience.

But marketing can be expensive, especially when you have to factor in a full-time head-count with all the additional costs that come with that: pension contributions, holiday entitlement, healthcare insurance, etc. And not to mention having to pay for days not worked due to absence.

There are pros and cons with both, but in the current climate the pros lie mostly with the latter option; outsourcing.

Outsourcing enables an organisation to pick and mix their marketing requirements, to only purchase what they actually need, and only when they actually need it. During quiet times when marketing activities traditionally tail-off savings can be made by simply switching the marketing activity off or dialing it down. However, when you do need it the most, you have a dedicated resource that is focused and committed to producing results.

As a business you are acutely aware already of the need to control costs, so any opportunity to keep costs down and fixed where possible, whilst also offering a straightforward and practical solution, is well worth considering.

So, how can we help? At Indent Marketing we have specific experience of working for IT companies, marketing enterprise solutions in a B2B environment, with expertise in all areas of the marketing mix, including: strategic and budget planning, social media training, management and execution, email campaigns, telemarketing, seminars, event organisation and execution, PR, plus everything else in-between!

With flexible pricing plans to suit your business and no commitment to a long term contract, there is scope to re-energise your marketing campaign without breaking the bank.

The aim of Indent Marketing is to provide full marketing coverage where required allowing you to spend more time on managing your core business activities, and less time on managing your marketing projects.

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