How significant is your Klout score?

How many of you have started tracking your Klout score? And more interestingly, how many of you are looking at other Klout scores and comparing them to your own and then secretly wishing yours was as high?


Whereas before we were all comparing our effectiveness on Twitter by how many followers we have, now we seem to have a definitive number that tells everyone how ‘good’ we are at Tweeting. Does this really tell us how effective or even how interesting someone is on Twitter? Surely that’s a bit more subjective.

Some people tweet all day long and none of what they say is interesting or useful. Others send the occasional tweet which proves to be the most useful thing you’ve read in ages. Why do we even want to have a graded score in the first place? So we can show-off to customers or clients? Or feel good about ourselves when our score jumps up a couple of points.

For us at least, it has been an interesting exercise to see other Klout scores and to make comparisons so that we can benchmark ourselves against similar organisations and see if we’re getting the hang of this whole social media lark! It’s human nature to want to find out how you compare to others around you, so maybe Klout has tapped into all our insecurities and got us all comparing and worrying that we’re not quite making the grade or that others are judging us based on a number out of 100.