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Social Interaction at B2B Events

Is the social element of B2B customer events one of the most important aspects?

Obviously there has to be good relevant content on the agenda to ensure that the delegate’s interest is captured. But if you are running a customer focused event, perhaps for prospects as well, then the time you spend with them socially is hugely valuable.

Guards are down and everyone is more relaxed and becoming friends is suddenly so much easier, and this, in the long run, will facilitate a better working relationship for the future, and even encourage the prospect to be more willing to set up that all important meeting after the event.

Once at that meeting there is immediately a mutual experience that can be shared and talked about. The conversation flows and everyone is in a positive frame of mind. You know what they say, people buy from people they like.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that just by having a few beers with your prospects that you are going to win the deal. There is still work to be done: the solution has to fit and the price has to be right. But, by spending time on a social level together you will gain a mutual respect and camaraderie that wouldn’t be there if you were turning up for the meeting having never meet before.

This gives you an all important head-start, providing an opener, a shared experience and every little bit helps!

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