Tweeting in a B2B World

A lot of marketing people and businesses generally are not sure how twitter fits into their B2B marketing strategies. Certainly for B2C companies it can work very well, but where is the fit for a business audience?

To some, twitter may seem very trivial, but it is starting to work in a B2B world. If your target audience is very specific, for example, HR Managers or Finance Managers etc, then they may well already be on twitter and following their chosen institute (for example the CIPD for the HR guys) and watching their streams of tweets for interesting updates in the world of HR and Finance.

If you, as a business, want to target that audience you can also post relevant information about your offerings or up-coming events and use a hash tag on keywords that the institute you want to target is following or searching on, and they will see your tweet and hopefully re-tweet it to their followers, thus putting your tweet in front of your target audience.

You can also hashtag any relevant words that your audience may be searching on and you will collect followers this way as users start to find your tweets and deem them to be of interest and therefore start following you.

Of course, the whole thing takes time to understand who’s where and what keywords people are searching on. But with some practice and by trying out different phrases and wording in your tweets you can soon start to organically grow a relevant audience.

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